Discus-Siner is a family run business. The head and heart of the enterprise is a master fish breeder, known from many European exhibitions, Jozef Minčák. From 2017, marketing and communication with foreign clients is managed by his son Daniel Minčák.

Jozef Minčák has been keeping fish for forty years and from 1995 has been specialising in breeding Discus. Since 2002, Discus Siner as a company has been breeding discus commercially. The company is based in Slovakia, in a town called Bartosovce, near Bardejov. In 2007, we had a new breeding facility purpose built. It brings together the fish keeping and breeding experience of Jozef Minčák and the latest developments in modern technology. The facility has a capacity of approximately 70 thousand litres of water. We work very hard at breeding and rearing high quality Discus. We breed a range of colour variants, well known from world market and exhibitions and offer them in all sizes. If interested, we can ship and deliver our discus directly to you.

About us

Our philosophy in keeping discus fish is to create such conditions around the water parameters, filtration, tank capacity and the feed so that our fish achieve rapid growth and immunity, thereby achieving a nice disc-shaped body and a good size. This results in trouble free and seamless subsequent adaptation to a new environment in aquariums of our customers.


Our breeding and holding facility is located in a separate building that was specifically designed from the outset, structurally and technologically, for breeding discus fish. The building with an area of 200 m2 is split into 4 rooms. In the first room, there are 5 pools – 4 of them are pools for growing fish out to adult size. Each of them has a capacity of 5000 litres of water. The fifth pool is furnished in “Amazon-style”. In this room there are additional tanks for growing on young fish.


The second room is our Breeding room, which contains 50 pairs of tanks for breeding pairs and reservoirs for young discus to 4 cm. Our carefully selected breeding pairs care for their young fry up to age of 30 days to allow them to provide them with good immunity and rapid growth. From the fifth day after they are free swimming, we supplement their feeds with newly hatched brine shrimp.


In the third room there are 12 tanks, each with a capacity of 1000 litres of water for our fish – this is our sale stock. At any time, there are approximately 3000-4000 fish available for sale. This part of our business premises can be visited by prior arrangement.


Last, fourth room is the technological part and the heart of our operation. There is a system of water reservoirs (holding tanks) with the total volume of 8000 litres, heating system for our water using solar panels (photo-voltaic cells) and a gas boiler. Heating of our fish tanks is handled centrally via the gas boiler, and heat distribution is managed by a special system – a network of bars glued to the bottom of our tanks. All rooms are ventilated by air conditioning systems located in the ceiling, which is controlled by sensor for measuring humidity. We also use dehumidifiers.


Temperature in our tanks is maintained at 29-31’C. PH of our water ranges from 6.5-7.5ph, conductivity 250-400 µS. KH range is 2-6.

Our entry water, which we use for raising our fish had pH 7.5, conductivity approximately µS, KH of 5. The water comes from a forest spring from Cerhovsky mountain – northeast of Slovakia. It is one of the least polluted areas of Europe.

For treatment of water for our breeding pairs we use a reverse osmosis system, which can generate up to 3000 litres of water a day with conductivity of 10 µS. For final treatment of water for breeding pairs we also use a range of special salts.

Health of our fish and their endless appetite is down to clean water. We use a multi level filtration system, which is divided into 8 circuits, each with volume of between 600 and 1000 litres.

The first filter chamber utilises mechanical filtration with special filter floss. In the second chamber, we use BioChips to help biological filtration and Bioceramics in third. In the last chamber, we use a product from one of our partners – SZAT. The SZAT medium ensures the water in our systems stays crystal clear and helps to keep the values of NO3 and PO4 low. Each tank has its own waste extraction system, which is used to extract debris and also helps with water changes.

We feed our fish special granulat which is made to our specification, taking into account the specific nutritional requirements of Discus fish. The Granules are made using the latest technology at 60’C, which preserves all vitamins and enzymes of the food. The granulat contains natural extracts of flowers and fruits to support good colouring of our fish. We use a range of granular foods, depending on fish size and specific requirements (different granulat for breeding pairs, growing out fish, red, blue and yellow fish). We also make a special beef heart mix based on the same principles. The basis of the mix is lean beef heart muscle fortified with vitamins, minerals, probiotics and natural extracts to support fish colouring, similarly to our granulats. We feed our fish with beefheart mix three times a week from 1cm size. We vary the diet of our fish with additions of frozen artemia, bloodworm, mysis and larger fish are fed frozen krill.